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ZENJOY Testimonials

Magic! My shoulder is feeling better than it has in years and I'm able to play the violin again.

- Shelley Y.

Joie has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge. I love that she has tools beyond needle acupuncture to use if required. I received some ear acupuncture from Joie. She is super gentle and knowledgeable.
Hey - my sinuses are clear! Awesome. Thank you!

- Michelle N.

With fibromyalgia, I struggle with all over body pain...I was prescribed medication but did not like the fact that it was also used for anxiety and depression. Joie made a special blend of tea for me and within two days I did not have the warm sensation and all over body pain. Joie treated my arms, hands, and neck. I had immediate relief in my neck and my hands were working like normal again within a couple hours. I continue to receive acupuncture with Joie and now I am trying facial acupuncture.  

- Rowena B.

Thank you, Joie, for the acupuncture treatment for my neck, shoulder and right arm and hand. I feel great right now!

- Jeff P.


My son is a very active boy who is always on the go and busy with football, baseball, and year round karate. HIs asthma was to the point where he was using an inhaler at least 6 times a day. I brought him in to see Joie for acupuncture and, after the first visit, he used his inhaler just twice in the next 2 weeks during football practice. After a second visit he has not used his inhaler more than 3 times in the last 6 months. Acupuncture is amazing! 

- Leanna A.

Joie is a wonderful practitioner, and a warm & compassionate person.  

- Melanie M.

[Joie] had me feeling great after some acupuncture . It’s the best I’ve felt in a long time. Pins in my ear, shoulder, fingers, joints in my arm...So grateful.

- Rey B.

Joie is a very knowledgeable and personable Eastern medicine and herbs healer. She has helped place me on the right path to recovering from stress-related health issues with both body and ear acupuncture.
I highly recommend her services and support the Zenjoy movement to wellness and health.

- Michelle L.

[ZENJOY Natural Beauty skin care products] not only made healing quick, it stopped the pain & tenderness too.  

- Barbara W.

Joie is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. If you are looking for compassionate and effective care, I highly recommend her. She is my go-to in the area... don't bother looking elsewhere. You won't be disappointed.

- Nick K.

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