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ZENJOY Wellness Events

Triple Bliss: Acupuncture, Meditation, and Reiki:
In a community style setting, refresh your mind body soul with a healing trifecta of acupuncture, guided meditation, and Reiki. Lay comfortably on the floor or sit back in zero gravity chairs. Bring your own pillows and blankets for additional comfort. Offered monthly in Edmonds. Suggested donation of $30.

Acupuncture + Sound Bath:
In a community style setting, restore balance with acupuncture and the sound, vibrational therapy of quartz crystal singing bowls. The combination of these healing tools create a powerful movement of Qi throughout the body for calming the mind body spirit. Offered every other month in Madrona. Suggested donation of $20 - $30.

Family-style Community Acupuncture:
Community acupuncture for the whole family! Harmonize the energy within the family dynamic for a healthier and happier family unit. $70+ depending on family size. Stay tuned for the next event. 

Yin Yoga + Acupuncture:
There is a synergistic effect that occurs when acupuncture and yoga come together. Both work to increase circulation; improve respiration, energy, and vitality; and release stress. Use acupuncture to deepen your yoga practice and use yoga to improve acupuncture benefits! $85 per person. Stay tuned for the next event -- June 21, 2018.

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