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This ain't magic. This is Medicine!

Zenjoy Chinese Medicine tools of the trade

Acupuncture Increases Bone Strength, Repairs Nerves

"Based on the results of the study, the researchers conclude that acupuncture significantly increases bone strength and density, stimulates peripheral nerve repair, and increases the effectiveness of physical therapy procedures."


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Acupuncture for treatment of insomnia

Sleep is proven more necessary to our health and survival than water or food.

"Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture may have a beneficial effect on insomnia compared with Western medication. Acupuncture was superior to medications regarding the number of patients with total sleep duration …

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Angelina Jolie Credits Acupuncture for her Full Recovery from Bell's Palsy

Angelina Jolie

"Jolie reveals that in addition to high blood pressure, she developed Bell's Palsy, a condition resulting from damage to facial nerves, which caused one side of her face to drop." -

Sometimes women in families put themselves last...until it manifests itself in their own health. -…

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Skin Saving Remedies with Zenjoy Natural Beauty

ZNB testimonial for Ozias and Barbie

Ozias Skin Saver for 3rd degree cooking burns used for 3 days followed by Silkstone Barbie for a month.

"It not only made healing quick, it stopped the pain & tenderness too. Ozias heals it then Silkstone Barbie smoothed it. More than 2 thumbs up...see my smooth stomach now? I can go back to…

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Now offering Family-Style Community Acupuncture!

Bring the spouse, infants/children/teens, grandparents, aunties/uncles, cousins...

It's time for community acupuncture, Family style! 
The family that gets acupuncture together, sta…

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First Zenjoy Natural Beauty Customer Testimonial!

So humbled by the work I do and the services I offer, seeing that it's really doing some good. 

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Placenta as Medicine

Human placenta as a medicinal herb has been used in ancient Chinese herbal medicine, which is over 3000 years old. More recently, the use of human placenta in post-partum wellness is grad…

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Set Intentions for Your Health

Achieve your best health!!! Take time to set intentions for your health because your friendly neighborhood healing health practitioners at Daylight Healing Center are here to support your wellness but you must take the first step!
Today, our Open House featured mini Quantum Touch healing ses…

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Forest Bathing

Took time to do a walking meditation where it could only happen best-- with Mother Nature.

#forestbathing #backtonature #naturewalk 
The kids have gotten expert in identifying #swordfern #cedarwood #douglasfir and#mapletree
 — at Saint Edward State Park.

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Stay Survivor Strong Community Acupuncture

Stay Survivor Strong: Zenjoy community acupuncture

Saturday, May 29 from 10a - 1p in Edmonds, WA


Acupuncture is a natural and powerful treatment modality for PTSD, depression and anxiety. This Memorial Day community acupuncture event is dedi…

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Homemade Açaí Bowls

How about some fresh homemade açaí bowls for a warm Spring day?! Taking advantage of sun and no rain in Seattle. It's that #brasil life #açaí 

Fermented greek yogurt is good for gut health. Açaí, strawberries and cherries for nourishing the heart and improving the blood. Bananas to co…

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The Healing Art of Community Acupuncture

Saturday, May 20 from 1p - 3p in Edmonds, WA

Experience the healing art of community acupuncture to address a variety of conditions including chronic or acute pain, stress and anxiety, depression and emotional imbalance, weight management, smoking cessation, hormonal imbalance, and more!

The …

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Zenjoy Yourself! Pampering Mothers and Women

Saturday, May 13 from 3p - 7p in Edmonds, WA


Pamper yourself or the woman in your life to a staycation wellness retreat at Daylight Healing …

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Zenjoy Delivery!

Packaging up my first mail order! Customer ordering for her baby, her toddler, herself, and her mother-in-law.

#mothersday gifts #allnaturalskincare #noedcs#chineseherbs #zenjoynaturalbeauty#zenjoychinesemedicine
#zenjoyhealthbeautybalance #oziasskinsaver#milajolielipbutter #anabananaf…

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Saturday, May 6 from 11a - 4p in Madrona, WA

The Madrona House of Capitol Hill Healing Arts Collective is proud to announce it's Grand Opening + Pop Up Market!

We've got a full house of practitioners and the place is looking marvelous! Time to celebrate our presence in the neighborhood and com…

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Stress-Busting Community Acupuncture

Friday, May 5 from 3p - 6p in Edmonds, WA

Eliminate stress, subdue anxieties and get the weekend started right, with a calm and clear headspace!

The unique benefits of Community Acupuncture are found in the shared healing energetics given and received as a collective. You and your neighbors/frien…

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Friday, April 28 from 7p - 8:30p in Edmonds, WA

Unwind, relax and meditate together to start the weekend! Meditation is beneficial in any form, even for beginners. It’s open to people from all walks of life and paths. It’s centering and calming. Really, there’s no “down-side” to meditation. A…

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Saturday, April 22 from 1p - 3p in Edmonds, WA

Overcome seasonal allergies this year with Springtime Community Acupuncture. It's time to open your sinuses and go out to smell the roses, clear your itchy eyes and dance among the tulips!

Western (allopathic) medicine tends to provide only temporary …

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Friday, April 21 from 7:30p - 8:30p in Madrona, WA

Join Vanessa Ainslie, LMP, CLC, CST, AWC and Joie Jacala, L.Ac., EAMP for an evening of healing and restoration. Decompress and welcome your weekend with this stress reducing, grounding, relaxing night of delicious self care!
Our time together …

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