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Treating the Residual Effects of Head Injury

You may not remember your head injury. You may not even think you had a traumatic head injury. Even a slight to mild concussion could leave you with long lasting residual effects if the injury is not addressed properly. All the neck pain, headaches, vision problems, and fatigue that you've been coping with and shrugging off-- Those may all be residual effects from a concussion and spinal compression. Take the time and care to fully rehabilitate your head and neck after injury. Acupuncture is effective in restoring the health of your brain and spinal cord, affecting the balance in systems between your brain and the rest of your body. 

head and neck injury

Treating the cervical spine for persistent post-concussion symptoms:

Case study of treating cervical spine and concussion with Acupuncture:

Case study of Acupuncture restoring function after severe TBI:

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