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Acupuncture vs. Prescription Medications

As my colleague Richard Hazel, LAc so excellently pointed out--

For people who are sure that acupuncture can't work, doesn't work, is a placebo I would suggest that you read the small print on your prescription medication and read the section called "mechanism of action".

Mechanism of action is an explanation of what the drug does and why it works.

You may be surprised to know that many of the pills we take (like Tylenol) have a mechanism of action that is "unknown".

But the drugs work in most cases.

Many of the mechanisms of action for acupuncture are being shown through research and clinical trials and yet people are skeptical.

I say, try it for yourself. It's safe and you barely feel the needles.

And there's a good chance it can help you have less stress and pain and can help with many conditions without drugs.

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