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A Weekend of Medical Pulse Diagnosis™

This past weekend, I had the amazing pleasure of learning MPD (Medical Pulse Diagnosis) in San Diego, CA with Michael Peluso, LAc. Created by Robert Doane, MPD™ has taught me to diagnose TCM syndromes as well as bio-medical conditions purely by the pulse. It is based on Dr. Zhang Wei Yan's Pulsynergy System, who has developed a pulse-diagnosis system that is able to assess bio-medical conditions. During the seminar, I had the opportunity to feel the pulses of chronic sinus conditions/allergies; cardiac/heart disorders; the history of uterine polyps, cysts and other abdominal growths as well as scarring; adrenal fatigue and thyroid disorders; and more while, in turn, learning to treat them effectively with herbal medicinals. I'm happy to be taking this new skill into my clinical practice and treating my patients with new knowledge, efficiency, and efficacy.


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