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360 Degrees of Health

Toot toot! I have always been a terrific connector for helping people find what they want and what they need. When I became a medical practitioner, my philosophy for comprehensive care stayed in line with helping patients find the best care, whether or not it was with me. My mailing list has over 300 individual emails, consisting of old and current patients. The majority of you, I honestly haven't seen in my practice for quite some time. Perhaps your health conditions have been resolved, perhaps you found acupuncture and herbs were not the healing modality for you, perhaps you found that I was not the medical provider for you. Despite your reasons, you have remained in contact and I hope that my monthly newsletters find you well. It is for you that I have formed a new group on Facebook: 


The purpose of this community group is to be a free resource for giving and receiving tips, suggestions, health care recommendations, etc towards healthy living. Seattle has such a vast and wonderful community of people and healers. This platform is to help you connect to find the healthiest, happiest way of living that suits YOU. I hope you will join me, your friends and your neighbors in navigating through the local health community. 

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