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Blog posts June 2017

First Zenjoy Natural Beauty Customer Testimonial!

So humbled by the work I do and the services I offer, seeing that it's really doing some good. 

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Placenta as Medicine

Human placenta as a medicinal herb has been used in ancient Chinese herbal medicine, which is over 3000 years old. More recently, the use of human placenta in post-partum wellness is grad…

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Set Intentions for Your Health

Achieve your best health!!! Take time to set intentions for your health because your friendly neighborhood healing health practitioners at Daylight Healing Center are here to support your wellness but you must take the first step!
Today, our Open House featured mini Quantum Touch healing ses…

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Forest Bathing

Took time to do a walking meditation where it could only happen best-- with Mother Nature.

#forestbathing #backtonature #naturewalk 
The kids have gotten expert in identifying #swordfern #cedarwood #douglasfir and#mapletree
 — at Saint Edward State Park.

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