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Blog posts November 2017

Take control of your Health with Self-Care Medicinal Tea Soaks

Gift yourself Health this Holiday season.
Save over $200 on a 30-Day Medicinal Tea Soak Treatment Program!

This limited time offer expires Nov. 30, 2017.

medicinal tea soaks

You are not ultimately dependent on a practitioner; this is something you can do yourself at home. The more you know, the more you are able to …

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Treating the Residual Effects of Head Injury

You may not remember your head injury. You may not even think you had a traumatic head injury. Even a slight to mild concussion could leave you with long lasting residual effects if the injury is not addressed properly. All the neck pain, headaches, vision problems, and fatigue that you've been copi…

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Choose Health, Beauty, and Balance

"Momentum follows Action & Done is better than Perfect.
Momentum first...If your results are stagnant, your ACTION is not going in the right direction right now. You have [less than] 2 months left in 2017 to gain momentum and set up 2018. 
Time to Level Up.

-- fellow LAc, the awesome Che…

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