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Blog posts October 2017

The Power to Heal Yourself is in You

Tuesday October 24, 2017 is Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) Day! Come in for discounted treatments, get huge savings on treatment plans, and learn how this East Asian holistic medicine can help you to live your fullest life. 

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How Acupuncture Heals

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture directly influences Gut-Brain Connection

abdominal acupuncture
Abdominal Acupuncture-- Safe, Effective, Gentle, and oh so RELAXING! Directly stimulating the abdominal aorta, vagus nerve and gut health, abdominal acupuncture is a powerful tool to address many health concerns stemming from Gut/Brain dis-Connection. This case in particular was a 28year…

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Chinese Medicine Organ Clock Supported by Circadian Science

This morning, I caught NPR's recently broadcasted Health Shots news on Circadian Science. NPR was interviewing Northwestern University circadian scientist, Fred Turek, who stated that this science is collecting evidence to show that your life schedule may indeed be the downfall of your health. Studi…

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Acupuncture vs. Prescription Medications

As my colleague Richard Hazel, LAc so excellently pointed out--

For people who are sure that acupuncture can't work, doesn't work, is a placebo I would suggest that you read the small print on your prescription medication and read the section called "mechanism of action".

Mechanism of action …

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The Love of Acupuncture

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